Thursday, July 1, 2010

CEO Interview - Alison Andrew

Alison Andrew is a lady who knows her stuff.  She is a high flyer in the corporate world, is on a ton of different boards and still has her feet on the ground.

Before this afternoon I had never even heard of Alison Andrew before.  Now I know more about her - she has my total respect.  It was while I was checking out the new appointments to the board for Scion Research that I saw her name and did a google search.

The first result was her Linked In profile.  What struck me was the mixture of confidence and self knowledge without the arrogance or pride that often times comes across in others profiles.

Here's what it says - "Proven leader with multi-industry experience. Executive who can span all functions from technical to commercial. Deep experience in operating businesses, growing businesses and turning businesses around. Successful track record in large corporate (Fletcher Challenge and Fonterra Co-Operative), and medium private business. Engineering and business qualifications."

So what works?  The words - proven, leader, multi industry experience, deep experience, growing, turning businesses around, qualifications.

I am impressed.  Whether or not Alison herself actually wrote the specific words is neither here nor there.  The words speak for themselves as does Alison's experience and true qualities.

For an actual interview with Alison you can click here -

There are some really insightful thoughts and hints in this article.  It comes highly recommended.

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