Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kodak - F.A.S.T

FAST - now there is a business philosophy that I agree with.  Not SLOW or TOMORROW but FAST.

Jeffrey Hayzlett has a video interview showing on Meet The Boss TV where he discusses the way that he changed the culture and performance of the company by introducing a new methodology to the way that Kodak conducts it's business.

Here is the key slogan/philosophy that Jeffrey says he put in place -
  • F - Focus.
  • A - Accountability.
  • S - Simplicity.
  • T - Trust.
I love this saying.  Moving from the daily grind of an organisation and influencing employees to not only see opportunities but to grasp them and move ahead with speed.  Cut through the norms and the old ways of doing things and start getting things done!  Results matter.

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