Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CEO Interview - Viv Maidaborn

The need for strong leaders and management within Non Government Organisations and Not For Profits is just a crucial mission in life as is working for corporations and organisations.

Here is another strong player/leader that has been brought into the spotlight by HerBusinessMagazine's who's who edition.  This leader is Viv Maidaborn.  I am not going to repeat the article because if you hit this link you can take your time and read it at your leisure.

Here's my view of the NGO/NFP sector -
  • There are a lot of hoops and paperwork requirements to jump through - so one needs to be nimble;
  • Time is of the essence - so one needs to be quick;
  • Lots of obstacles get thrown up in the way of those people who are seeking to 'do good' and improve the quality of life of others - so one needs also to be able to jump over the candlestick.
Here's my skill summary for a CEO - "leader be nimble, leader be quick, leader jump over the candlestick!"

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