Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stay Home

Some days just aren't as good as others.  It is important to understand how your body is acting and reacting to different events and happenings at work.

I had yesterday off work because on Thursday I could hardly speak.  The frog in my throat had become a toad.  If I had of gone to work I would have been able to accomplish two things -
  1. Get more sick.
  2. Share the sickness germs with others in the office.
I hardly ever take sick leave off.  If I do it is for one of two reasons - physical health or mental health.  Sometimes the brain gets to overwhelmed and I just know that I can't face the office.  So I stay home and work remotely instead.

No one is Superman and everyone needs time off to ensure the body remains in functional order and at maximum capacity.  If you're sick - stay home!

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