Friday, July 2, 2010

Understanding Your Team

There are quite a few different models and systems for labeling and categorising people in the workforce.  Some of those systems are time consuming and require a lot of input from other people.

Some of the models are very simple yet can be just as effective if used in the same manner and method as the more labour intensive types.

Here is a link to one of my more favorite models that is clear and concise.

Very simply people fall into one of four categories -
  1. The Iceberg.  These are the people for whom everything is an issue.  They have very little motivation and usually are ignored after the boss gives up on trying to help them.
  2. The Backbone.  These are the people who are the stayers of the company.  They know their job and they know how to do it well.  Yet they don't have the charisma or the drive to move up into star status.
  3. The Problem Child.  These people have tons of potential but don't have a constructive way of venting their ideas and their energies.  So they become rebellious and mouthy.  They still have a ton of potential but require a good telling off more often than not.
  4. The Star.  These are the people who are determined to be the best and have the skill and drive to achieve great results.
The awesome thing about this model is that you can quickly differentiate between personality types and the descriptions used provide excellent analogies for the people you have.  The other great thing about this is that you can figure out what the motivators are for each group which will enable you to proactively encourage your team towards greater results.

Once you have formed a clear picture of who you have in your team and what they are capable of achieving then you can begin to divide the various projects and assignments according to who will and who won't get the results that you require.

What model do you like?  Do you use it?

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