Monday, July 19, 2010

Excellence and Peak Performance

It was while reading the book "The Sport Psych Handbook" that I discovered this great list of attributes for people that are determiners of their success. 
Charles Garfield compiled this list of peak performer traits -
  1. A sense of mission.
  2. A tremendous work ethic.
  3. Use of resources.
  4. A strong "preparation ethic".
  5. A love of challenge and change.
  6. Great "team people".
My question is how often do we seek these traits in others and how often do we exhibit them personally?  If sports people need these traits to be the best how much more should we as managers be exhibiting these skills and traits as well?

There a quite a few lessons we can draw from each of these points both corporately and personally.

Here is my basic summation for reaching your own peak performance level - do something you love, have lofty but attainable goals and prepare yourself to acheive task, ask and allow people around you to assist and enable you and thank them for all their help when you are done.

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