Monday, July 12, 2010

ATEM NZ Conference Day 1 - recap

The 2010 ATEM regional conference was hosted bu AUT, University of Auckland, Unitec and Manukau Institute of Technology.  That was a great move.  Having the conference co-hosted meant that there was a lot of input from different people and the organisation was great.

Here's how the speakers went down (in chronological order) as I attended the sessions -

Derek McCormack (AUT).  Derek spoke about the differences in philosophy between the NZ government and the Australian government.  In a nutshell - money for tertiary education in NZ is drying up, while in Australia they are increasing the investment they are making in tertiary education.

Thought - hasn't Australia showed in the past, through sports, that the more you spend and invest the better the results?

Jonathon Hagger.  Yes that's my session.  You can see the powerpoint of my session by clicking here.  I spoke about defining your management brand.  HR meets Marketing 101.  It was a good session with an excellent cross section of people from across the educational spectrum.

David Earle.  This session was very interesting.  (The actual presentation was a bit dry but the content was awesome).  The direct correlation between education graduates and downturns  in the economy made for an interesting point.  David has a very sharp mind and is excellent value.

Terry Fulljames and Jan Hausman.  The new SAEER regime that the Tertiary Education Commission has devised was discussed.  BOP Polytech have recently finished their initial SAEER and Terry and Jan shared their feelings, experiences and findings from what they have been through.

Julie Wood and Jo Shortland.  These two ladies spoke about their experiences about designing and creating innovative environments for students.  Julie spoke about what MIT are thinking of doing and some of the locations and experiences of institutions internationally.  While Jo spoke about what Wintec has done in regards to their Gallagher centre and new Avalon campus.

These are tiny recaps on the sessions.  I recommend if you think there is something of interest here - contact the presenters and request a copy of their work.  Thursday turned out to be - an excellent day!

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