Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What cost - opportunity

Some opportunities in life are just too good to let go.  So when the chance came up to join a team of experts and professionals in my field of work - how could I say no?

Here's the real lesson of this story.  The opportunity of a lifetime (this is a voluntary position) was handed to me on a plate.  I said yes.  But the same opportunity also has implications for my existing (paid) employment such as - time away from work (not a lot but some), extra meetings (again not that many) and a bit of effort is required.

Now if my employee came to me and told me that such an opportunity existed for them to grow themselves and gain some new skills that benefit -
  1. them in the first place (major reason and weighting);
  2. their ability to do their job (a good reason but not the majority);
  3. help the entire industry (a very good reason with some weight added),
what do you think I would say?  Yes, absolutely, go for it.

What answer do you think I got?  No.  So what did I do?  I ignored the answer I got and decided to go for it anyway.  So what is the cost going to be?  A couple of annual leave days a year to attend extra meetings and a few extra hours in the office to cover any time spent doing voluntary work for the organisation.

The best opportunities in life will cost you something.  Having the ability and opportunity to pursue the rewards of what you really want in life - far outweighs the meagre cost of travelling the road to get there.

"Sieze opportunity by the beard for it is bare behind"  Romanian proverb.


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