Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Location is everything

In Auckland city, New Zealand, there is a fantastic hotel that is literally 5 minutes walk from the Sky Tower and casino and is 10 minutes walk from the heart of Queen Street.  The hotel is new, fresh, clean, safe and great to stay at.

So whats the issue?

Well the great thing is that the hotel is now having to offer super cheap and discount rates for people to stay there.


The building owners and designers didn't factor in that a) car parking in the city is an issue and b) New Zealanders prefer to travel using their own vehicles rather than public options.  So hotel stayers and visitors stay in hotels where there are lots of car parks and car parking is free.  (Note - City Central Hotel does offer car parking but the spaces are limited and if you stay later than 10am it can be really expensive).

Why is this good?

The hotel has lowered tariffs to be super cheap for visitors and the rates are half of what other hotels are charging for the same size room and services.  So here's a tip.  the next time you need to stay somewhere in Auckland - check out the Central City Hotel.

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