Sunday, June 28, 2009

What do people know?

Interesting isn't it - the fact that the more we hang out with people, the more we are able to learn about them - without knowing it.

If someone knows me better than I think they do or should - what should me reaction be?

Run and hide, face up to the facts, interact with them more? Where is the line?

The better people know us I s'pose the more comfortable we can be. It was interesting that at a masquerade ball - a person showed me that they could see behind the mask (metaphorical for behavior).

Where do I go now? Am I comfortable being known? So often I have enjoyed being a different person to different people in different situations. But I suppose now - there is no hiding, however I can still change who I am - with ease.

Watch this space - the new Jonny Hagger to be revealed in the next few months...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Waikato Uni Economics

Well after a 6 month lay off from study I have to finish economics to get my Post Grad Dip. Well how has it gone? Not too badly.

Anna Strutt is a really fascinating person (and very attractive as well), and Steven Lim gets good reports but I have yet to be awed by him.

I will be pleased to finish the studies so that I can get a life again. Am I fussed about moving up the ladder? Not yet. Has the PGDip been worthwhile? Absolutely.

People ask - why Waikato? Why not Waiariki? Simple really. University qualification or Polytech qualification? The answer is clear.

Economics 501 and 503. Good all round economics papers for the uninititated.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where to from here? Career

In 4 weeks time I will have finished my post graduate diploma. What does that mean?

I still do not have any technical expertise in one area or another but then that is how I have always been.

My current job - like any job - has it's ups and downs but overall I'd give it an 8 out of 10.

So what happens next? When I started the role I gave myself a two year time span, and those two years are nearly up.

What happens next? I'm not really fussed. There are a huge number of positive changes taking place in the Forestry School, but I feel like I am sitting on the outside looking in and not really affecting any change.

Change is the thing I enjoy making more than anything else in life.

I thought about Google for a job - but they are only in Auckland and aren't hiring at the moment.

Accounting Technician? Probably not. That would be better for a new graduate rather than a weathered old soul like myself!

Anyway, we shall wait and see. Tomorrow is another day filled with possibilities.
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