Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ATEM NZ Conference Day 2 - recap

So day one of the conference (Thursday July 8th was great).  So how did the second day stack up?

Session one was by given by Peter Mellow, AUT.  Peter is a legend when it comes to creating content and lessons for students using every known technology there is known to man.  Peter talked about using creative education spaces and how we can alter learning spaces to encourage students learning development.  There were heaps of live examples and photos and ideas from how educators in the US are doing things different now.

Session two was from the Learning State ladies.  Basically an education provider/ITO that is setup to deliver training to public service employees. 

Session three was delivered by Yvonne O'Brien.  Yvonne has a long history of working in the education sector through University's, Polytechs and now Te Wananga O Aotearoa.  Yvonne talked us through the dramatic and ongoing changes that occur at "the Wa".  The turn around story of the Wananga is quite surprising

A very interesting story that illustrates the need and demand of lower income people to have access to education.  I'm not sure we've heard the last of this story yet. What goes up usually comes down again.

Session four that I attended was entitled "Coach to Grow".  This session was presented by Toni Snelgrove and Therese Ovrevik Walkinshaw.  With Toni what you see is what you get.  She is very, very smart and knows how to cut to the heart of the matter.  Therese is also very smart and applies her skills in the University sector.  Therese is very warm and pleasant to speak to yet she is very sharp also and has the ability to quickly size up a situation and deal with the possibilities and problems with little fuss.

This was a great session that was unfortunately timed in the same period as another session that was looking at silo's and how to overcome them.  It would be great to have a session like this again next year but have it better attended.

This was followed by a keynote session from Rob Matthews, MBE.  Rob is a blind runner who has an incredible story and is hugely inspirational.  I was fortunate enough to spend some time lunching with Rob and he is very warm, genuine and an all round good guy.  Rob told us about his story and the hurdles he has had to overcome in life.  Rob was joined during his presentation by his wife, Sarah.  Nice.

After that I was physically stuffed so called it a day and missed the final session.  So in brief - Friday was another great day that seemed to have more flow and was more relaxed than the Thursday.

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