Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Telecom Stores - they work

Great design in a shops layout will both entice customers as well as make the shopping experience far more enjoyable for your customers.

I noticed a Telecom outlet store in Hamilton on the weekend and was blown away by how far they have come as a retailer.  Here's the lowdown on the store -
  1.  It was well lit.  Everything was easy to see.
  2. The shop was uncluttered.  All the products were located on the walls with one product per every 2 to 3 metres.  Products were easy to see, there were no distractions and it wa seasy to focus on exactly what you were looking at.
  3. The centre of the shop was for sitting only.  There were no products or displays in the centre of the shop.  The shopper standing at the doors could see straight through the shop right up to the counter with no hindrances.
I recommend that ifyou are in the area (Centre Place Hamilton) go and check it out.  Retail success starts with the right design and layout of your store.  Note - the image above is not the exact store I saw but you get what I'm talking about  Right?

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