Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Swiss Army Knife - Management Lessons - Market Placement

Mark Di Somma wrote a great post about the Swiss Army Knife on his blog back in 2008.  What he wrote is as relevant today as it was when he wrote it.

Here is a summary of his points -
  • Competition can come from unforeseen places. 
  • The place of manufacture and production can be used to leverage an advantage.
  • Visual branding is vital.
  • Who you are perceived to be selling to can also be an important marketing tool.
  • The amount of time and care you take to produce your product can set it apart from it's competitors.
  • Create a legacy that future generations want to interact with and own.
Here are my thoughts -

  • You never know where your competitors may be coming from - so keep in touch with latest trends and fads.  You can start here for some ideas.
  • Consumers are aware and passionate about who made and where made the products they are buying.  Use this as a positive.  Small countrys and towns have great appeal.
  • One example of a great branding is Fuel Advertising.  They have a mock fuel pump for a door handle at the entrance of their offices.  This is a great idea!
  • Way back in time Harley Davidson used to market their motorcycles to Joe Average.  Clean cut, nice guy motorbike riders.  What they didn't realise straight away was that their motorcycles didn't appeal so much to the masses as to the rebels.  So they changed who they were aiming at and completely changed their business.
  • Quality is everything.  There is no excuse for selling, making, teaching crap.  There are few spaces for competitive and sustainable company's to do crap.  The same goes for managers.  Learn, train and be the best at what you do.  Quality counts.
  • Do it right today and people will come back for more tomorrow!

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