Monday, March 29, 2010

CEO Interview - Anne Mulcahy strive to be the best.  There is no doubt about that fact.  How do I know?  Every few weeks that email out updates that summarise the latest and greatest content that they have available.

This month there are interviews with three top CEO's who share some of the lessons they have learnt through business.  One of the interviewees this time is Anne Mulcahy.  

Past Chief Executive and current Chairperson of the Board at Xerox - this is one very cool cat!

Here are the major points that Anne expressed -
  • Don't surround yourself with yes people.  Have people on staff and on board who will challenge your decisions and will be honest with you.
  • Get the right people!  You can create forward momentum by selecting the right people at the outset.  And if those people aren't the right people - go out and find them!
  • Create a team that will fill your weaknesses while also challenging your strengths.
  • Ask hard question of yourself and others; and have them ask those same hard questions right back at you.
  • Learn what not to do.  Knowing when not to do something is just as significant as knowing when to do something.
  • Timing is everything.  "Timelines trumps perfection".  Take a risk, have a go - but be smart about it.

You can read the original version of this article by clicking here and heading over to McKinsey.

You will also be able to fnd another great interview with Anne at the Corner Office.

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