Friday, March 19, 2010

Dress For Success

Come on guys keep up with the play! GQ outlines the latest trends for the office here.

It seems the tie is back! Personally I like the one shirt on the left from Gieves & Hawkes!

And if you're stuck for ideas for combination of what to wear Tarocash has a great tool to help you out.

My latest addition to the work wardrobe is the humble vest.


  1. Going against this in a way - one thing that I have found really positive is setting up 'casual Fridays'. Mind you we aren't in the public eye as much, so it's a little easier for the creative team.

  2. Thanks Dan. I agree scheduled casual days is a great idea. However in a bigger organisation they are a bit harder to co-ordinate.

    I recommend discussing the idea as a team first, then with the manager to ensure everyone knows what's happening.

    As you said it also depends on the amount of customer/public contact yu have in a day. Weigh up the amout of time spent interacting vs. working in private to make your decision.


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