Thursday, March 11, 2010

Office Setup - Self Audit

Try viewing your role from the other side of the desk sometime. Seriously - get up and move, and sit on the other side of your desk. When you get there try asking yourself some of these questions -

  • What is the customer seeing?
  • What would you change about what you do in your role?
  • What things would you consider to be important and need focusing on?
  • What things would you see as being not important and could therefore be put aside?
  • What does your workspace look like to someone that isn't you?
  • Is your workspace inviting? Is it boring or offensive? Does it tell a story about you?
  • What will a customer say when they walk away after spending some time on the other side of the desk?

Here are a few tips that I use in my office -

  • Have chairs for guests to sit in. No one should be made to stand up.
  • Have your computer screen off to the side of your workspace so that when someone sits down you can establish a clear communication channel with them.
  • If you have a flat desk - keep as little amount of stuff on it as is practically possible or be ready to move it!
  • If you have a desk with a frontage - stand up when a customer comes to see you.
  • Have plants in your office and on your desk that are easy to care for yet provide something appealing to look at.


  1. Nice post Jonathan! Definitely some food for thought there.

    You can often forget your desk plays a part in the perception of you to others, beyond general tidiness.


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