Sunday, March 21, 2010

Book Review - Pains In The Office

Following on from their previous two best sellers - 'Pains on Trains' and 'Pains in Public', Andrew Holmes and Dan Wilson have gone on to write another great book - 'Pains in the Office'.

The 'Pains' series looks at everyday situations where people interact with other people and attempts to create character profiles for them. For this book the authors have identified 50 personality types that frequent the offices of all company's the entire world around.

Here are some examples -

  • The Ball Breaker. Females who want to emulate men and copy some of their worst traits in order to try and be one.

  • The Competitor. Failure is not an option. Kisses the butts of those in power and kicks those of everyone who is not.

  • The Little Big Man. Short people who attempt to make up for their height deficiencies by being bossy and absolutely unhelpful.

  • The Moaner. Some people are just never happy.

Included in each chapter are - ratings on the strength of the pain, the rarity factor, seasonal variations and some fun strategies for dealing with the pains.

This book is a bit of fun. As with its subject matter you can't take it too seriously. I recommend picking it up, having a read and moving on. When you're finished - keep it on your shelf for future reference. You'll need it!

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