Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Self Perception Is Everything

The way you see yourself is the way that others will see you as well. Your self perceptions govern your behavior and the way you interact with others.

If you see yourself as being positive, in control and professional - others will. Here are the ways that others pick up on your self perceptions -
  1. The way you dress. Dress to impress. Wear sharp styles, clean lines and clothes that work for you. Be expressive but still formal.
  2. The language you use. Be smart and thoughtful about what you say to and about others.
  3. The company you keep. Be aware of who your friends are. Engage with those who are the best at what they do and learn from them.
  4. If you can't make it - fake it (or at least for a little while). Once you start believing you are someone and acting like others will treat you the same way. Some days you will just have to pretend you have it all together and eventually - you will!
Have a look at this website for some ideas about how you can change your self perception's

Carpe Diem - Sieze the day! The choice is yours.

"Grab opportunity by the beard for it is bare behind!"

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