Sunday, March 14, 2010

Steve Gurney on Attitude

Steve Gurney is a multi-sport legend who has fought through thick and thin and is undoubtedly a true legend. In his book 'Lucky Legs' Steve talks about his life and gives some pointers on what it means to win and how to go about doing it.

One part of his book is all about - how to. I have especially enjoyed chapter 24 where Gurney talks about the mental approach.

I will paraphrase a few of his key points here -

  • You create your future through your beliefs, attitudes and resources. You can set yourself up to win.

  • Create a future you want by meditating on it through a positive way c.f. a negative one.

  • The law of attraction works!

  • State your goals and desires in a positive way and by focusing on what you can do.

  • "Energy flows where attention goes"

  • Figure out if your goals are 'towards' goals (positively focused goals) or 'away' goals (driven by fear or similar).

I totally recommend this book to anyone who wonders - What does it feel like to win? or - How do I get better and achieve better results?

This book is written with the beauty of hindsight and wisdom gained from some hard lessons learned. This is not a flash in the pan story but rather a story well crafted and very, very funny!

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