Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Organisational Culture

Nevin Danielson published his manifesto on Change This:

"Flow, Flee or Fight: Declare Yourself For Change In Your Organization".

Here is an excerpt - “It’s time for a shake-up. This one won’t happen because your boss decides it’s time. It will happen because you and your peers decide it’s time. Rather than relying on organizations to see what's in their long-term best interest, individuals are in a better position to instigate change. It will feel uncomfortable. You’ll be labeled a heretic. As solace, you’ll have the knowledge that you’re right.”

Nevin's basic message is built on the "fight" or "flight" premise. However he also expands it into "flow". Interestingly Nevin advocates for employees to begin to tell their bosses that the current systems don't work and need improving.

Empower the employee - build the business. It's that simple.

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