Wednesday, September 9, 2009


One of my key drivers that I have discovered is - ambition. This driver has both positive and negative sides to it.

"ambitious - Possessing, or controlled by, ambition; greatly or inordinately desirous of power, honor, office, superiority, or distinction; Strongly desirous—followed by "of" or the infinitive; as, ambitious to be or to do something; Springing from, characterized by, or indicating, ambition; showy; aspiring"

When possibilities exist in front of me - I produce high quality work with ease and am driven to succeed.

When I can't see the way - that's when I struggle.

So what do I do when I hit a blank spot? Here are a few things -

  1. Spend time and energy on training. This is both educational and physical training. "No moss grows on a rolling stone".

  2. Create a real sense of accomplishment. Look for small opportunities that exist that I may not have seen. I look for tasks and projects where I can create small wins which creates momentum towards big goals and tasks.

  3. Seek support or ideas from others. All of us have blind spots. That is we can't see where we are missing opportunities or where we are blatantly on the wrong track. Ask, seek, knock - the answer will come.

Ambition is a great trait for people to have. But like most things in life - too much of a good thing can be dangerous.

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