Monday, September 28, 2009

Customer Service

If a company or organisation wants to keep existing customers there are a few simple things you can do -
  1. Communicate to your customers.
  2. Provide rewards for loyalty.
  3. Provide quality service.

Frankly - I get frustrated when a company that makes millions/billions in revenues every year can not answer my phone call within 10 minutes.

I get irate - when they can't answer within 30 minutes.

I switch companies - when they finally answer my call after 44 minutes.

Well done Telecom New Zealand! 44 minutes of waiting for a two minute password reset.

Hint - this is not a good way to retain customers.

What would be a good way?

  1. Let customers reset their passwords online.
  2. Hire more telephone operators and answer the phone.

It's easy when you try.

1 comment:

  1. the service is coming from the Philippines and they have been hit by flooding. so please excuse telecom, they are saving money though and the CEO is getting a huge bonus.


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