Monday, September 21, 2009

Career Advancement Principles - Politics

If you are ambitious, want to get somewhere in your career, or are looking for advancement it is easy to become frustrated when circumstances don't appear to go your way.

So what should the worker do? There are three basic options.
  1. Leave.

  2. Stay.

  3. Improve.

All workplaces have a level of politics and operate around who knows who. Advancement when broken down is more often the result of relationships rather than ability. Rob Yeung writes a great post about the place of office politics. Here is an excerpt at the cosing of his article -

"You can use your understanding of politics to influence people and achieve goals that are good for the organisation as well as yourself. Even in the most friendly and supportive of organisations, people don't always agree – so having an understanding of politics and how to exert influence can help you to pull people together and achieve outcomes that are in the organisation's best interests too.

Try to manipulate and use people and you will probably get caught. You could be tarnished with the label of being "political", which can make people refuse to trust you or want to listen to you again. So effective politicking has to be as much about give as it is about take. So. Play the game. Or get left behind. Which are you going to do?" (Source:

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