Friday, September 11, 2009

Customer Service - Rarotonga Examples

We had a couple of interesting instances while travelling and staying in Rarotonga.

Virgin Blue Airlines. Cut price airline that used friendly staff. Excellent informal service that everyday people could relate to.

  • Guess what? The plane was absolutely full!

  • Why? Virgin have figured out what customers want and they give it to them. Cheap holidays and the ability to travel.

  • How do they do it? Cut the frills.

  • Lesson? Know your customer and what is driving their decisions.

Hotel attendants. At the hotel we were staying at the reception girls had to be asked/told quite specific instructions for them to act on them. We visited another hotel and the levels of service were far better.

Example - calling a taxi.

  • Hotel 1 - we asked for a taxi to be ordered and were told to come back later and the person would do something. This was nothing short of being fobbed off.

  • Hotel 2 - we asked for a taxi to pick us up a bit earlier. The taxi company wasn't listed in the phone book. What did the reception girls do? Rang directory and locals to get the phone number.

Huge differences in the level of service. Hotel 1 could move from 3 stars to 4 stars with some training of staff to understand their customers better. A little initiative goes a long way.

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