Monday, July 20, 2009

Professional Development

One of the interesting points that came out of one of the talks at the ATEM conference was around professional development (PD).

Should PD always be linked directly to achieving the workplaces business goals? That is where does training end and development begin?

A number of organisations blur the lines between the two. One great story was about a manager who encouraged their person to engage in raranga (weaving). Through this practise the person became more relaxed in the workplace and then their work rate and quality improved.

This semester I have decided to do a course in creative writing, particularly poetry in the second half. Will this directly change or improve my performance towards the business goals? Maybe - but indirectly.

As managers we need to be aware of people's needs at the time, and maybe not doing formal study, such as a diploma, is as valuable to a person. However through them doing study that engages them on different levels - that may be of more value and worth, primarily to them, and then on to us as an organisation.

Here is a poem I coined to begin the course with -

The Urge.

And so it begins, the urge to write,
But do we begin, no that can't be right,
And so the tutor says - don't start just wait,
And I sit here musing, restless, going stagnate

Bring on week two, with pencil and pen,
Maybe I'll start, maybe begin,
In the meantime, I'll muse and I'll dream
Of stories well written, and eclairs filled with cream.

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