Saturday, July 11, 2009


What to do in 2010?

  • Complete my studies with Waikato Uni and complete the MBA program
  • Or - knuckle down and get into the NBA instead?

It is important for us that Vanessa finishes her degree to allow her career promotions and a university qualification. I'm fine with that. However, it will may mean that I have to go into limbo for a year.

The other part of my conundrum is - will doing an MBA get me anywhere in my current organisation? I wonder about the value of an MBA if there is going to be no value at the end of it.

So even if I get an MBA will that mean I have a clearer line through to second tier management? I highly doubt it. Am I capable of operating at that level? Absolutely.

One of the dangers of staying within an organisation is being labelled and boxed in by other peoples perceptions.

When I was doing my chef training I distinctly remember Chef saying - "Trainee chefs should only stay in 1 job (kitchen) for 6 months, and older chefs no more than 2 years".

There is some value in that statement. The great chef Mossimo also said

"Once you know everything about your job, quit and get a new one".

Here are a few points on what I believe are the "Crucial elements of employee engagement" -

  • Employees must be dependable and appear to be stable in a role is an important element of career advancement;
  • Also important is the employees ability to grow,
  • Their ability to know there is a purpose is what they do,
  • They must be being adequately challenged,
  • And they must be rewarded for their efforts at work - both internal job performance and external personal development.

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