Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Performance Measurement

What do you measure and how?

The acid test for an individuals individual performance is whether or not their work is contributing to the goals and values of the organisation.

There are a range of key areas that can be assessed and reviewed over time -

  • Expectations for the agreed time periods. Quarterly/ Half yearly/ Annual.
  • Achievement of job description goals.
  • How the person is carrying out their role.
  • What behaviors and values does the person demonstrate (both verbal and non-verbal).
  • What professional development goals has the person attained.

Some areas are easier to measure than others. There are differences between the 'soft' targets and the 'hard' targets.

One of the key measures I like to use is 360 degree feedback. That is what do others apart from the manager think of the individuals performance/teams performance.

Often times personal judgements can be slanted and not entirely accurate. However where a number of people agree on the big areas you can feel more confident about the feedback you will give.

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