Thursday, September 9, 2010

Team Values Pt 4 - The Creative Team

Want to achieve greater efficiencies and improved workplace performance?

Give your staff the power to -
  • Dream about how it could be better,
  • Influence their work design, workspace or workflow and ultimately -
  • Own the workplace.
  • Make time to dream and allow your staff to both imagine and see the future. 
  • Let them describe what the most effective workplace would look like.
  • Then ask them what they can do as a part of their existing role and with the resources they have to make that dream into a reality.  If they need more resources - guess what?  You just might have to buy them.
Note - this is not just a once off exercise.  Like muscles creativity needs to be stretched and used in order for it to grow.  By creating regular sessions to imagine then creativity will become second nature to the team.  And then the results will ultimately flow.

Here is a link to a great article that will help you in your journey towards unleashing the creativity in your team.

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