Thursday, September 23, 2010

Book Review - The Time Trap

Any book that manages to make a fourth edition is well worth reading.  The book must have - readability, credibility and be practical.  'The Time Trap' by Alec Mackenzie fills all of those criteria.

Common sense and practical tips abound.  There are a myriad of time management strategies for both new and old players.  There are tips on project management, delegating and assignment assessment amongst others.

This is a no frills book that gets to the point and does not include language that is flowery or superfluous. (not like this sentence at all).  I particularly enjoyed the no-nonsense approach to time management that is explained.

There are no silver bullets or magic formulas in this book.  Rather the author lays out everyday tips and practices that can aid people in all manner of different industries.

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone I know.  Easy to read, packed full of sound advice and common sense.  This book would make for 'the perfect Christmas present'.  =)

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