Thursday, September 2, 2010

Got Talent?

Spotting the talent and potential in others is a great skill to develop and work on.  Sometimes the person you notice with the potential hasn't yet spotted it themselves - so you identifying that talent can be a confidence booster for that person.

Here are a few strategies to employ/things to consider when thinking about someone with skills.
  1. Promote slowly.  Let the talent take their time and develop their skills in their own time.  If the person is older chances they will have the maturity to handle such a move.  However younger or people will less experience may be overwhelmed by the dizzying heights.  Time will allow maturity and life lessons to sink in.  Managers, like fine wine, need time to mature.
  2. Provide mentors.  Provide your talent with experienced managers who will provide training and a sounding board for your talent.  No one person has all the answers and it is important that your talent be given the time and opportunity to interact with others giving your talent the chance to formulate a well rounded philosophy and style of management that is unique to them self.
  3. Praise publicly.  Managers are people too.  Giving praise in public and backing up your managers no matter what (in public) will raise their self esteem as well as give them confidence.  If they muck up - so what.  Reflect, change and move on.  I like what Bob Sutton wrote on this subject in his blog post about caring bosses.
Oh yeah - one more thing.  Let your talent pick a fight or two.  Like kids you need to allow them to learn to defend themselves when attacked and establish their own methodologies.  That isn't to say you let them take a beating, but you don't wrap them in cotton wool every time there's something going down.

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