Monday, August 23, 2010

What is Leadership?

"What is Leadcership"? was a question raised in a meeting of professional like minded people who are committed to professional development.  This kind of question has no right and no real wrong answers.

However trying to define what leadership actually is can be really hard.  Here is my quicjk checklist for what constitutes leadership.
  1. Decisions.  The ultimate test of leadership is a persons ability to make a decision.  Whether that decision is made instantly or over a long time can determine a persons leadership.  If the question is able to be answered and if there is a successful outcome or not is a sign of leadership.
  2. Strategy.  Leaders have an uncanmny knack for being able to see ahead and to be able to devise answers and saolutions to various situations.  Managers deal with situations as they happen or after the fact.  Leaders think and plan ahead.
  3. People.  Leaders deal with people.  People follow leaders.  It is amusing how many people assume they are a leader because they hold a position.  Real leadership occurs when people listen to you and do what you ask, go where you go and just plain get on with it.
If this subject interests you try looking at this article as well.

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