Monday, August 30, 2010

Building Credibility - Growing Others

One of the keys to long term stability and sustainability is for an organisation to be growing leaders and future managers.  Where do those talented individuals come from?  Often times talented managers are in your department and are in your team already.  The key is being able to spot the talent, challenge them and ultimately release them to show their skill.  
  1. Identify talent.  Who in your team has more skills that can be developed?  Is your team members boredom a sign that need a bigger challenge?  Talented individuals are usually the ones who a) have the skill and ability to complete small tasks quickly and effectively, b) are able to get others on side and motivate them to complete their tasks as well and c) think they can do your job better than you can.
  2. Take a risk.  Allow your developing managers to lead projects and to stretch their wings.  This is risky for both the existing leader and the aspiring leader.  Both parties need to assess what size project is appropriate and then get to work.
  3. Praise and reward.  This is true of every employee but especially so for the aspiring manager.  If they make a mistake - so what?  If they do well - excellent.  One thing to be weary of is being hard or harsh towards someone who is giving it a go.  Review the final outcomes and then  give praise for the good things they have accomplished.  Then find another project or assignment and start the growing cycle again.
Let your up and coming stars stretch their wings, learn from their mistakes and ultimately replace you.


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