Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Ability To Make Great Decisions

Sometimes things happen in business that will come as a surprise.  Some surprises are good and others are not so good.  Being able to see the road ahead and know what action to take is a vital skill for both a leader and a manager.
Seeing ahead is made up of a few different components -
  1. Access to information.  Who you talk to and what you are listening to makes a big difference.  Listening is also a lesser practised skill that can get you ahead if you are able to listen to what is being said and then figure out a way to use that knowledge for your benefit.
  2. Sheer Instinct.  Making a decision based on gut feel isn't always a bad thing.  You won't always get it right but you need to make a hard call sometime.  The way to make better gut calls is to make them more often and then reassess what happened and what the effects were after the fact. 
  3. Women's intuition.  Ladies have a third instinct.  There's no two ways about it.  If somethings up - a female will know.  Ask their opinion before you proceed.
 Nothing in life is ever really clear cut but the more decisions you make, and the more you reflect on your past choices will help you define and refine your skills.

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