Monday, August 9, 2010

Making real change happen

Here is a quick overview of three areas that I think are the cornerstones of a healthy and sustainable community.  Here they are -

  1. Female empowerment.  There can never be enough females empowered to make decisions for themselves.  This is especially true in countries where there is repression and lack of opportunities for advancement.  Respect rules.
  2. Education.  There is no substitute or ceiling that can be enforced when a person is educated.  Education sets the mind free to explore the possibilities of life and self achievement. 
  3. Micro finance.  Lending $25US to a person who lives in a country where the average GDP is less than $1,000US per year doesn't make much difference to my bank account but it can make a radical change in someone else's life.
This leads me to the question - what are your key drivers in life?  What are the three big ideals that drive you forward and excite you.  What is it in life that makes you feel that you are making a contribution and are fulfilling your life's mission?

Check out this website - which tells you more.

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