Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Review - Peak Performance

In business, as in life, you evolve or die.  Interestingly one of the two big sources of evolution as far as marketing is concerned are - the rise of social media and the emphasis on sustainability.
In the book Sustainable Peak Performance by Mike Pratt and Helga Pratt companies that have embraced true change and real sustainability go under the spotlight.  companies such as The Body Shop, Dilmah Teas and Putamayo are all examined.

This book is about more than how to catch the fad wave of appearance sustainability  This book is about how do companies affect real change to the environment and their employees while remaining financially viable?  Is being sustainable and reasonable really possible?  And if so how?

With easy to read language, detailed research and a broad understanding of business practice this book certainly lays some excellent foundations for those interested in moving ahead.

In brief sustainability comes from the leaders and must be infused within company culture and practices if sustainability is going to be truly practised.

This book comes highly recommended and gets 4 stars from me.

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