Friday, August 27, 2010


Everybody needs either a hero or someone to look up to.  A hero is someone who you can learn from, imitate, copy or mimic.  None of these behaviors by itself is a bad thing.  Rather by modelling your behavior and approach on someone elses approach can actually be beneficial.

Here are a few of my heroes and the reasons why.
  • Richard Branson  The ability to never accept impossible as an option coupled with the ability to seize opportunities that other people just can't see.  Awesome.
  • H Norman Schwarzkopf.  the king of organisation.  No nonsense and no mucking around.  One of the truly great project managers of all time.
  • Hillary Clinton.  A combination of skill, personality and persuasive powers make Mrs Clinton a very respected and capable leader in my boooks.
Who are your heroes?

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