Monday, April 5, 2010

Leadership Lessons - From TED

This is a great video and while there are lessons given by the presenter, here a few more bits that I would like to add to the conversation -
  • Taking the initiative is important. Somebody has to get started - right? The first mover see's an opportunity and grabs it. Completely unaware or without thinking about the outcomes or opportunities the situation provides he runs on instinct and it works.
  • Recreating the first time never quite has the same spontaneity or freedom of choice to it. But the second time allows for better organization, co-operation and consistency.
  • The first person always takes the risk to get started - but those who follow are better able to improve the product.
  • The first person will always remember being the first person but may not receive the same credit he thinks he may deserve.
  • Unless - the first guy is able to repeat his success on multiple occasions and to improve the style and outcomes of his offering.
Being first is cool very cool but through waiting and watching - you can improve and grow upon the successes of others.

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