Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Review - Scroogenomics

A great book?  No.  A good book?  Yes.  An interesting book?  Absolutely.

Joel Waldfogel, wrote a book called Scroogenomics exploring the pro's and con's of purchasing goods and spending money at Christmas time. 

The pro's - people get stuff.  The con's - people get stuff they don't want or need that has bought by other people who have sent their time looing for and buying stff that could very well have been a waste of ther time.  Time that could have been far better spent pursuing productive outputs.

So what's the problem?  Too much stuff is given by people to others with either little thought or no thought at all.  The solution?  Give cash.

There you go - 146 pages of book content condensed into 4 paragraphs. 

It's worth reading.  Seriously.

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