Saturday, June 26, 2010

Book Review - How to Do Business in China

Following on from my recent trip to China I thought I would expand my knowledge of the way business works in China.  I searched our local library and found a book that sounded like it would fit the bill perfectly (according to the title anyway).

So I picked up the book - "How to Do Business in China" by Nick Dallas (McGraw-Hill).  Subtitled - 24 lessons in Engaging the Dragon.

So what did I think?  Given that there are 49 pages of content - you can probably guess my thoughts.  This book is big on taking a common sense approach to doing business and launching yourself within the country.  The problem is that most of the lessons in this book are true for any foreign country that you may decide to launch in. 

This is a lightweight book that does little to actually school a person in what you will be walking into when you go to China.  There are plenty of great quotes and anecdotes but there is very little substance in this book.

One commendation I do have is the fact that the writer points readers towards subject areas and topics that will be worth their while if they are considering China as a future potential business partner or frontier.

Final thoughts - this is a nice, compact, short book that is an interesting starting point.  If you are searching for more depth and knowledge about business practice in China then you would be best to find a more specific book that will fit the bill.

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