Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Relationship Management - Using Remembering Tools

So today I had the opportunity to make a presentation to some of the key people who influence our priority customers.  Sound a bit overblown?  It's not.

I am in the business of recruiting and educating students so that they can become valuable members of society.  They will have careers, employment opportunites, pay taxes and contribute to society.

So who were the key people I was talking to?  The Careers advisors and Transition Educators (or CATE for short).  These are the front line people who can influence students decisions on what they want to do in life and where they want to study.

Last year I had the same opportunity and at that time I gave each teacher a wooden kiwi that had been manufactured by our students.  Today a number of those persons commented on the fact that they still have those kiwi's on theor desks or near their phones.

Another momento we handed out last year were Christmas trees.  At the time they were about 30cm tall.  Students were encouraged to take them home and grow them.  And guess what?  Those students came back 12 months later and commented on the fact that they remembered getting a tree and their tree was still growing.

So my question to you is -
  • When you see someone important again in 12 months time - what does that person take with them? 
  • and when they see you again in the future - will they remember you?  And how?

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