Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Trip to China - Part 2. The Travel.

So whats it like to travel to China?  Not half as interesting as it is to travel in China!

So you get on a plane and go to the airport.  Then after making your way through Customs etc you jump on a plane and fly.  Guess what - ho hum.

Te fun really begins when you jump in the taxi from the airport to your hotel.  Now I have seen some amazing driving but NOTHING beats a Chinese taxi driver.  Those guys are great!

The best thing about travel in urban China is the accessibility and the price.  Example - a train journey from Nanjing to Shanghai (2 hours by train) = $10US approx.  How good is that?

What about the taxi.  Travel for 30 minutes after being picked up from your door and being dropped off at your destination = $4US maximum!

I thoroughly recommend travelling both to China and in China as well.  It's well worth the effort.

(Images: - train - car)

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