Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exit Strategies - Leaving A Job

So you have decided to move on from your job in search of a better opportunity or a career change.

Here are a few ideas to make sure that when you leave your current place of employment a bit smoother -
  1. Be Honest.  Let your current employer know the real reason for your wanting to leave.  If it's for a good reason or for career development - that's great.  If the reason is you are unhappy or upset at least give your employer the chance to speak about the issues and try and reach a positive resolution.
  2. Keep it sweet.  Don't burn your bridges after you have crossed them.  You never know when or where you may meet again with your colleagues and if you might need a favor from them.
  3. Stay open to possibilities.  If you are a star employee there is every chance that the organisation will not want to lose you to a competitor.  Try speaking to your HR department and see what possibilities exist in other departments or sites before committing to leaving.

This cartoon was too good not to share. 

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