Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Relationship Management

One area that I work on as much as I can when I meet people is trying to leave them with a memory or impression of me that will last.

While I would prefer that the impression would be positive that isn't always the case.

Here are a few things I do -
  1. Ask questions about them. What do they like? Where do they live? What work do they do?

  2. Find common ground or interests. It is always easier to speak to someone about a subject you know than a subject you don't.

  3. Talk about the interest and how it relates to them. People love talking about themselves and more importantly knowing that someone else is taking an interest in them.

  4. Treat everyone the same - whether boss or groundsman.

Now this may not appear on the surface to be a great business strategy. And maybe it isn't - but it is an excellent people strategy. Business comes and goes but good relationships last forever.

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