Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Art of the Apology

Saying sorry and being able to say it well are vital to the personal integrity of a manager.

Lets face it - we all stuff up. However the way in which we handle ourselves after the stuff up can either make or break the way others see you.

Here a few tips for making a great (workplace) apology -

  1. Be sincere (or at least pretend as hard as you can to be). If you can be honest in your sincerity you have already distanced the distance between you and the other person.
  2. Don't restate what happened. When you apologise very briefly summarise what may have caused the offence then say sorry. If you try to reason why you did it, you run the risk of restarting the argument again.
  3. Move on. You offended someone, you said sorry. Unless you have caused physical damage or harm there isn't really any way of putting things right.
  4. Don't do it again. If you spend time observing your behavior you will pick up on patterns of behavior. By realising these patterns you Will know when you are getting tired and possible ready to cause offence.

Saying sorry is never easy - but it can do a whole lot of good when said sincerely and properly.

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