Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smart Recruitment

Want people to sell your product for you? Why not use people's networks to your advantage?

The good people at Vodafone New Zealand's HR department have come up with this great angle for their recruitment drive.

"Have you been made redundant? If you are a natural sales person, or a well connected business person, we can offer you a silver lining in your redundancy cloud! This exciting challenge will appeal to a wide variety of people, and could suit those from the finance/insurance, car sales and real estate industries (husband/wife teams are very welcome too!), along with well connected sales people and business managers from any industry."

How does it work? Find people who -
  • Have been made redundant

  • Are good at selling things

  • Know people in a wide range of industry's

  • Are willing to take a risk and set themselves up as roving sales people.

It might just work...

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