Monday, August 3, 2009

Career Crisis?

A crisis can be caused by factors that are either internal (such as personal) or external (redundancy or environmental changes).

In order to respond to crises you need to determine what the major causes are and where they originate from.

Internal crisis may need you to - speak to a life coach, take annual leave, reflect and review where you are at - then decide on your next course of action.

External crisis - generally you do not have any control over external factors. However you do have control over your actions and reactions to different situations.

Crises are not always negatives and can force us into having to confront ideas, behaviors and patterns that we did not know existed before the crisis. It is how we act and react that will determine the outcomes from a crisis.

In this presentation from TED, Alain De Botton asks us to restructure our view of events that are happening to us -

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