Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Team

It is important that as a manager you have a team you can trust, depend on and can delegate to.  Often times you may not get the choice of who is in your team.  If you do get the choice to create a team keep these thought in mind -
  • Pick people that have a track record of being dependable. 
  • Choose people who turn up every day.
  • Choose people who can roll with the punches.  Having flexibility in your staff and knowing they can handle last minute surprises without losing it is awesome.
  • Find people who will complement the existing team.  Getting the right mix and balance of staff is crucial to ensuring success and ongoing excellence.
  • Look for people who have different skills than you do.  Use people who are skilled in different areas than you are. 
Team is about a bunch of people workng together to achieve great outcomes together.



  1. Nice post. For me - within my team I like to play the roles up too in order to build a tighter unit. Find the people with less strings to their bow, and put them in projects with the highly skilled that lead to their few strings been the one the project needs.

    And also make one of your regular tasks, something the entry level people do. If you can keep a thumb in working at that level, you can relate to the current challenges facing that position.


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