Thursday, May 13, 2010

Marketing - The Viral Way

I received this email from a 'friend' of mine about an hour ago -

"Easy, Hope ur all good. .

We're shooting a music vid this Sunday, & looking for people 2 come show there support..

Basicly, we're gonna throw a lil rave inside the tube train.. We bringin drums and shit, and probably a big Ghetto blaster playin the music for our nxt release.

It's not gona take long, n hopefully no 1 will get arrested ..  If u want som more details giv me a shout..

BiG LoV."
Now this type of email works on a whole lot of levels.  How?
  • It speaks directly to people who have an interest in the actual topic or arena.  This isn't mass marketing but speaking to the people who want to hear the message.
  • It has a certain mystery quality to it that entices the reader to think more and saw - ooh and aah.
  • There is a call to action.  The reader has the opportunity to choose if they will engage or not. 
  • It creates a sense of exclusivity.  That is one of the keys in sucessful products and marketing.  make it exclusive or give your product some glamour.
Unfortunately I don't live in England so I can't choose to respond.  However if I did live in England - I'd be telling all my friends about it as well!  Now that is smart marketing.

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