Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Encouraging engaging education

Take a moment and check out this fantastic advert that was produced for the NZ Air Force.

How and why does it work?  Contrasts and comparisons.

  • Boring teacher, boring classroom, boring lesson.


  • Exciting technology, exciting opportunity, exciting response.

Then there are the sub themes that really make the advert great.

  • The girl who gets on the helicopter was the only student trying to learn in class.  This tells me self-motivation is a huge factor.
  • The girl stands up in anticipation of what might come well before the others.  Therefore she senses opportunity before it happens.
  • She only has to be asked once before she runs out the door to embrace the opportunity. 
  • No one tells her what the risks are or what the withdrawal policy is.  The air force want risk takers who are prepared to jump in boots and all.

So there you go.  Even if you hate what it is you are doing or learning - be aware that opportunity is never far away.  You need to be open and aware that it could happen at any time.

Would you take the risk? 

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