Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2011 work and business goals

My 2011 work goals aren't as well defined or laid out as my 2010 goals.  That may change as the year proceeds but in the meantime here are the areas I am focussing on -

  • Knowledge.  I need to increase my knowledge and robustness of understanding for my workplace and the various areas of knowledge therein.
  • Relaxation.  This year I will worry less about trying to get somewhere and be someone.  instead I will focus on enjoying what I and my team are challenged with.
  • Expansion.  2011 is a year for growing both personally and socially.  In 2010 the social area was one that I did miserably in as far as my workplace.  This year I aim to correct that.
  • Value add.  This is my key work goal for 2011.  I want to be able to add value to my job, my team and those around me through who I am, what I know and who I know.  This is the area that I really want to nail and do well. 

With some hard work and sweat mixed in with a dash good luck hopefully I will succeed.  If I can straing all these areas together then I am sure I will continue to 'go places'.

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